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Independence Seaport Museum Workshop

The Philadelphia Ship Model Society and the Independence Seaport Museum have teamed up to create a Ship Model Workshop on site at the Museum.  The workshop, also known as the Ship Model Shack, debuted as a Museum exhibit on December 3, 2009.  The Shack is located on the first floor of the Museum, just outside the Workshop on the Water, the Museum's boat-building facility.

Exhibit Debut

PSMS members staff the workshop each weekend, demonstrating the intricate art of ship modeling while interacting with museum patrons and visitors.

Below is the schedule of workshop volunteers.  PSMS members who are interested in manning the Ship Model Shack may refer to this schedule to choose an available date.  Please contact Joe Jordan to volunteer your time and talents!

Date        Volunteer
9/21/13Joe Gudonis
9/22/13John Christinzio
9/28/13Mike Zimmerman
9/29/13Kerry O'Malley