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*  Please note, there will be no meeting in July 2013.  The next meeting will be held on 8/1/13.

*  On Wednesday 3/9/11, PSMS members Mike Zimmerman, Mike Weaver and Jim MacIntyre attended the 26th annual Invention Convention at Memorial School in Cinnaminson, NJ.  The Invention Convention is the Cinnaminson School District's invention competition for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade to exhibit their unique and unusual inventions.

This year there were 79 students competing, and while their exhibits were being judged, there were a series of presentations on various subjects for the students to enjoy.

The Philadelphia Ship Model Society was there to talk about model ships and model shipbuilding, and throughout the day our PSMS members hosted five different groups of students for about an hour each.

Mike Zimmerman talked about the SS United States and the SS Constitution models which he had taken to display, and talked about plans and research for his next project.

Mike Weaver had a scratch built square rigger, a submarine under construction and a series of partially constructed plastic models and wooden hulls which he generously submitted to all of those tiny, curious fingers for a hands-on, closer look!  He also took a diorama of the Civil War sea battle between the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia, famous for being a four hour mutual pounding ending in a stalemate.  Unfortunately, our guys missed a big history teaching oppportunity since 3/9/11 was the 149th anniversary of the actual battle, but they didn't think of it at the time.

Jim MacIntyre had the 30-year-old R/C model tug "Samson" and a 6 foot diameter wading pool.  Our members spent about half an hour on bucket brigade before opening to get about 6 inches of water in the pool!  All of the children were able to enjoy a couple of minutes at the end of each session bouncing "Samson" back and forth in the water under radio control.

Mike, Mike and Jim had a most enjoyable day!

*  Longtime member and master ship modeler Ed Leaf is the author of the book Ship Modeling From Scratch: Tips and Techniques for Building without Kits.  It is available through many retailers and booksellers.  Click here to view information on the book at Barnes & Noble's website.

*  Please click here to read an article in South Philly Daily about our 2006 Regatta.